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Blessed Generation children’s centre gives orphans in Kenya a home and good education. Thanks to the orphanages and the outreach programme of Blessed Generation 500 orphans in Kenya have a chance. Are you going to help us and give them a promising future?

Blessed Generation Children’s Centre is a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) based in Kenya led by Ria Fennema from the Netherlands.

Blessed Generation’s goals are to:

  • Give the children a safe and loving home.
  • Offer the children a better future by giving them good education.

Blessed Generation Children’s Centre contains:

  • 3 orphanages (in Ruiru, Malindi and Nyamira).
  • The outreach programme in Malindi which supports families to prevent children from becoming orphans.

Education offers a future

The children are being brought up in the tradition of Kenya. Kenyan mamas help to raise the children. Important cornerstones are:

  • Learning how to work together
  • Being independent
  • Education

Education is the key to a better future and a good job in Kenya.

Organisation and sponsoring

The children’s homes are managed by Kenyan staff. Together with Kenyan co-workers Ria and her husband, Fester, work hard to give the children a chance in life. Fester and Ria do this voluntarily. The Foundation Blessed Generation Nederland takes care of the living costs for Ria and her family, so they can carry on doing their great work.

View the video ‘Blessed Generation – Hope of the future’